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At hit in an organism of excess quantity of ions of cadmium the exchange of zinc and iron therefore there is an enrichment by liver zinc is broken, other bodies are opposite impoverished by zinc. Violation of balance of iron in an organism causes fast development of an anemia. The high content of cadmium conducts to decrease in copper in muscles, bones and hair.

High-quality, and, above all timely carrying out actions which ensure health and safety, reduces impact of the possible striking factors on the personnel of economic objects and local population and by that excludes possible losses among the population, minimizes damage to human health and objects of a national economy in an emergency of technogenic and natural character.

Actions for safety of activity of the personnel and the population are planned and carried out to an emergency at a rational expenditure of material and financial resources, the maximum use of the existing infrastructure (constructions and buildings), technical protective and saving means, adaptations, preventive and medical preparations.