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The only criterion of pedagogics of Tolstaya declared freedom, the only method - experience. Tolstoy set the task to build new pedagogical system. For creation of new pedagogics by Tolstoy the Yasnopolyansky school - a peculiar pedagogical laboratory, experimental school was used, but the great teacher wanted that each school became "experience over the younger generation giving constantly new conclusions".

Tolstoy sharply opposed subject lessons, including them as purely formalistic methods of use of presentation which were not leaning on internal system and therefore not having any positive influence on pupils.

It is known that in study activization the individual approach to pupils is of great importance. L. N. Tolstoy constantly studied features of the pets, distinguished each line of identity of the pupil.

Sometimes Tolstoy in the course of training created "a difficulty situation" as means of activization of cogitative activity of pupils, and such conditions under which by a combination known stay new was supposed were created. Tolstoy was right when demanded flexibility of application of methods of training. Any method, he declared, it is possible to pervert if to approach it formally, without having understood its being, without having felt live soul. In it Tolstoy's conclusions completely coincided with statements of the German teacher A. Distervega who claimed that any method is bad if accustoms pupils to a simple susceptibility or passivity, and is good if excites in them independence.