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Posolka. Salt not only improves taste of cheese, it is also the regulator of the microbiological and biochemical proceeding in is mute, influences colloidal physical properties of cheese weight, promotes formation of a crust.

Essence of folding of milk abomasal enzyme. Of effect of abomasal enzyme on a casein complex of milk a large number of researches is devoted to, however chemism of this process is opened not completely.

Paracasein owing to increase in number of free hydroxyl groups of phosphoric acid shows sensitivity to calcium ions. Calcium as a element connects along with two groups — IT, forming calcic bridges between molecules of a. So at a coagulative stage under the influence of calcium there is an aggregation of particles of paracasein to formation of a structural grid of paracasein — an abomasal clot.

In milk which is in a bathtub, bring at a 33 °C (temperature of the first heating) the ferment which is picked up for specific structure of lactic bacteria in relation to the developed cheese.

At syrodelny plants the way of a of milk on a proteinaceous caption, proceeding from a between fat and protein in milk is introduced. For definition in milk of amount of protein the most method of formal titration is recommended. Advantage of normalization on a proteinaceous caption that ­ local, specific quality of milk, by a season, conditions of feeding and the maintenance of cattle.