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There is a simplified formula option (when number of days of the doreklamny period equally to number of days of the advertizing and postadvertising period. For this simplified formula we do not need calculation of daily average commodity turnover. This formula has an appearance:

What would not be the advertizing text, long or short, it has to reflect all advantages of your production most fully. Consumers will hardly begin to read a series of announcements on the same production in hope to read in them something else, not specified in others. Therefore it is always necessary to recognize that the advertisement competes along with other similar.

Speaking about age, it should be noted that the advertizing calculated on the senior generation can be written in a little old-fashioned language, contain retroregistration; it is possible to use various incentives also: discounts, free souvenirs. You should not forget that representatives of the senior generation hardly perceive all new, follow more likely the old habits. At youth, on the contrary, new habits are developed much easier, it is only enough to put emphasis on prestige, fashion, convenience of new goods, creation of a certain image by it to his owner.

has an exact target focus, reflecting different inquiries, desires, interests of specific consumers and informing them so that considered distinctions of a consumer demand in a certain advertizing audience;

As the main material for the analysis of economic efficiency of results of publicity of firm statistical and accounting data on commodity turnover growth serve. On the basis of these data it is possible to investigate economic efficiency of one advertizing means, advertizing campaign and all advertizing activity of firm in general.

By drawing up the advertizing text it is important to consider and the education of the potential consumer connected with his age, level of the income and an occupation after all it is necessary to talk to the consumer in his own language, differently the address remains unnoticed. It is considered that educated people are more captious, legible and rational.

If these two concepts counterbalance each other, advertizing is economically effective. Defining economic efficiency of advertizing, often forget that the purpose - receiving profit can not face advertizing. For example, 80 percent image advertizing are not pursued the purpose by direct receiving profit because advertizes not one some goods, but firm in general. But, finally, and this type of advertizing conducts to increase in sale of goods

servisnost (i.e. whether it is necessary to provide the advertizing message in absolutely ready look for printing (transfer), or it is possible to count that professionals will execute preparation of the text, photographing etc.)