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The paper is devoted to research of philosophical concepts British the thinker David Yum. The period of his creativity was time of extraordinary rise and development of English philosophy. F.Bekon, T. Hobbes, D. Locke, D. Berkeley and D. Yum - these names are known for everything. Their creativity defined bases of the main philosophical currents: idealism and materialism. Why we address to Yum's creativity? The matter is that in the recent past this philosopher in our country underwent big criticism from materialism positions. Its philosophical concepts were stated as reactionary. But it would be desirable to consider them impartially as to create the outlook, independent living position and valuable ideals it is impossible, relying on ordinary opinions and stereotypes. Let's follow the principle about which George Berkeley spoke:" The only advantage for which I apply, is that I always thought and judged independently". Besides, it would be desirable to compare, as far as possible, views of two philosophers, whose outlook was formed in identical conditions, in the identical environment.

it is a lot of weak spots, it is possible not to agree, argue with much. But, as we know, in dispute the truth is born. And as this work did not pursue the aim to protect the philosopher's views, we will provide to them to defend the outlooks by means of own arguments, we could be already convinced of beauty and not which triviality. Besides, to deny huge value of it British the thinker for all world philosophy for certain it is impossible. The big creative heritage which is used even by modern philosophical schools is left to them. And to disregard philosophical concepts of David Yum would be a big mistake for the person who seriously is interested in philosophy.